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Sopuerta football field

Architect: JAAM sociedad de arquitectura. www.jaam.es

1st prize in restricted design competition
In a rural landscape, the integration of nature is an objective in developed architecture. The green environment and the undulation of the surrounding mountains dictates the design of the proposed solution.

This harmony of the building with the landscape is also reflected in its functionality. The walkways are a stroll from the football field’s entrance. We have created a walkway that divides into two, one accessing the stands, the other the facilities. This walkways join together again creating a ring.

A large, green, translucent roof starts at the entrance of the field and welcomes the visitor inviting him or her to enter. As the walkway branches, the roof starts to widen especially where it meets the stands, when the roof reaches its maximum transversal dimension and narrows at the end , where the ways join again.

JAAM sociedad de arquitectura