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Epsilon Euskadi

Epsilon Euskadi competition team headquarters
Architect: Javier Perez Uribarri from ACXT.  www.acxt.net

Epsilon Euskadi is a Innovation and Investigation Automotive Technology Centre which integrates design, I+D+I and racing car production, sport team management and also advanced training giving the Automotive Competition Technological Specialization Master’s Degree for Engineers.

Outside the building is a round-edged black box, finished with a texture that reminds the carbon fiber, which is used in bodywork construction. Over the black façade, stainless steel tubes, which dim solar radiation, flow around the red window boxes as flow simulation programme isolines flow.

Despite its external hermetic appearance, the building is surprising due to the abundance of natural light inside. The use of floor-to-ceiling glass walls in most rooms as well as wide skylights over the engine room courtyards allows both horizontal and vertical crossed views. This way, not only the supervision of the smooth running of the centre but the independence between visits and self circulations are easier.

The building houses advanced technology equipment, excelling a wind tunnel for aerodynamic tests of vehicle models scaled between 50% and 60%. The wind tunnel is a sophisticated aerodynamic test tool for multidisciplinary application, including architectural model tests.

From Javier Perez Uribarri project description.